New Music Video Recorded in the Plaza District, OKC

The Plaza District prides itself on being a haven for creatives and art lovers. Local artists dot the retail space in the district, but all businesses open their arms to collaborations with artists. OKC Singer-songwriter Jose Hernandez new music video "Monster" was recorded in front of a live audience at Saints in the Plaza District, and it's a prime example of the kind of art that happens here.

Jose has worked and performed many times in the Plaza District, so he's a true local. Plaza regulars have grown fond of his powerhouse vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and emotive acoustic guitar. When he performed with his full band at Saints, his music reached another level.

The Band entertained a packed house for 2 hours, and it was magic. Jose was backed by Alex Coleman (guitar), Ryan Magnani (bass), Albert Roubert (drums), and Kendrik McKinney (keys), but the collaboration included more than musicians. Sound Engineer Nathan Holliday bottled up the good vibes, producing clean live audio which videographer Travis Warren used to create an authentic live music video of Jose's original song "Monster."

Check out the 1 minute teaser of Jose's video below. The full video will release Wednesday, August 29th at 8PM on Facebook. Follow Jose Hernandez on Facebook to see the premier!


The live performance and video was produced by OkSessions, a local music media/tech startup dedicated to building live music culture in OKC. Check out the OkSessions blog and live music calendar, and follow OkSessions on social media

Christian Pearson