October Volunteer of the Month: Leah Roper

October's Volunteer of the Month is Leah Roper! Leah is a member of the LIVE! on the Plaza committee, the Plaza District Festival committee, and the New Year's Eve committee.

She says she volunteers for the Plaza District because she believes in what the district is doing. "It's a safe and fun place to go to eat, shop, and be entertained. Plus, it just keeps getting better. The impact on the neighborhood - my neighborhood - has been overwhelmingly positive, and I want to be part of keeping that going."

Her favorite part about the Plaza District is the sense of community. "You never know who you will run in to, or what the next big project will be. But, there is always something coming up that brings everyone- residents, businesses, and guests-  together."

Not only is Leah a rockstar volunteer, but she is also an attorney, practicing employment law for plaintiffs who have been discriminated against or otherwise legally wronged by their employers.

Thanks for all you do for the Plaza District, Leah!

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