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The Venue OKC - Jarvix

"A Benefit* for Dead Horses" comes with an asterisk because it isn’t actually a fundraiser concert. Like its Oklahoman performers–Jarvix, Beau Mansfield, and Sarah Reid–the show title is tongue-in-cheek and a little dark. It’s a reference to "beating a dead horse," and this one-of-a-kind show aims to remedy the often predictable state of live music in the Oklahoma City area.

With eclectic musical influences and hard-to-pinpoint styles, the three singer-songwriters already offer performances outside of the norm. However, with A Benefit* for Dead Horses, these artists will seek to expand the live show format as well. Show-specific bits and multi-media elements such as video will make the night memorable in a way that a typical bar venue show simply can’t.

This concert's chosen venue, The Venue OKC in the Plaza District, is a versatile event space that will serve as a listening room environment with drinks available for purchase.

A Benefit* for Dead Horses will take place on Saturday, March 24th. Doors open at 7:30 pm, and the show starts at 8:00 pm. Admission is $5. All ages are welcome.



Jarvix has made waves lately with his live looping approach to music that incorporates anything from ukulele to rubber chicken to even music from audience members' cell phones. His growing popularity recently landed him a spot on Norman Music Festival's Main Stage for 2018.



Beau Mansfield has been a Norman figure for years, and his eclectic palette picks from pop, classic rock, R&B, and classical genres, to name just a few. Brought to life with keyboarded instruments, his material often reveals seasoned and clever musings about life and belongingness. 



Sarah Reid is a bit of a mystery. Whether performing hushed original folk songs on electric guitar or improvising live loops with a fiddle, her stage shows invoke otherworldly musical atmospheres that are often somber but not without an occasional veiled wit. Her quiet stage presence brings an extra layer of intimacy to her mesmerizing compositions.


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