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Satellite Space: Morgan Robinson Solo Feature @ Kasum Contemporary

Morgan Robinson is a visual artist working primarily in the three dimensional realm of sculpture. A graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma, Robinson furthered his education working as a cabinet maker. After several years perfecting his cabinet making abilities Morgan traveled to Hashimoto, Wakayama, Japan to study traditional woodworking methods that have been used for centuries. While in Japan Morgan came into numerous designs by internationally renowned artist Isamu Noguchi; who became a major influence on Robinson's design philosophy. After returning to his home town, Stillwater, Oklahoma, Morgan set up a woodworking and metal fabrication studio where he crafts modern designs. Morgan's work blurs the lines between aesthetic beauty and functionality. Morgan's early work was curvilinear; experimenting with techniques and materials that would inform his future pieces. His most recent work ventures into the geometric, whi le occasionally returning to his roots in organic structure. His materials consist primarily of metals and a variety of woods including laminates. Through the crafting of each design he pays respect to the materials that allow for the composition. Morgan's creative process focuses on merging eastern philosophies of minimalism and sculptural form into a functional artistic statement. Robinson says of his work, “I make forms and give them function.” His works will be featured in a solo exhibition pop-up in the satellite space next door to Kasum Contemporary Fine Art at 1704 NW 16th, Oklahoma City, OK 73106. Robinson’s works will be exhibit Tuesday, November 5th through the end of November. For more information or to schedule a private viewing please contact the gallery directly.