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Renewed, New Works by McDanel & Carbrey @ Kasum Contemporary

Inaugural Exhibit at Kasum Contemporary Up-Cycles as Homage to Plaza District

Opening Reception: Friday, October 10th from 7:00-11:00 PM
October 8th – November 6th 2014

We often have a faulty concept when we think of art, what it is and is not. When you hear the word “Art” your mind will likely wander to oils, frescos and grand statues by the likes of Michelangelo or Da Vinci. You will not likely think of hand grenades and house paint; common implements in the work of, Norman, Oklahoma artist, Brett McDanel and artist Eric Carbrey from Wichita, Kansas. The inaugural exhibit “Renewed” at Kasum Contemporary will feature the two artists’ up-cycled art this October as homage to the transition of the district the gallery now calls home.

Brett McDanel, also known as “The Crazy Bird Man,” constructs innovative industrial steampunk sculptures from found objects and bone. For the last 8 years McDanel has spent his free time scouring the streets and the scrap yards for parts that, to most people, are insignificant. Using his background in construction he up-cycles gears, widgets, thingamabobs and other found parts, animating them into action as featherless fiends, clawed cats, figures, edgy furnishings and otherwise eccentrically whimsical sculpture that often deliver a sense of dark comedy. He does not sketch or premeditate the designs. McDanel envisions the pieces assembling in his mind's eye and attacks his hoard of jumbled parts with welding torch and grinder in hand. The resulting assemblages may take hours, days, or weeks, but in every case create an object of whimsy and an astute example of the beautiful grotesque. The artist notes, “When walking down the street you find a random pie ce of metal that doesn’t belong there. All by itself, it’s just a piece of metal, but when you place it with other objects, it becomes something bigger... a part of something. All together these creations have a place.” He relates it to his own life story adding, “I spent half my life lost and then somewhere along the way something clicked and put me where I belong... here working with metal.” Brett has created quite a reputation for his found object innovations over the years. So much so that he now finds metal donations delivered to his home lawn and representative gallery on a weekly basis which has dramatically decreased his need to scour for parts and allowed him much more time to assemble them.

Eric Carbrey reclaims his paints from the recycling center before they are recycled in an industrial process. The used paints were relinquished, abandoned, and forgotten in garages and attics before Carbrey snatched them up. Using buckets of discarded latex house paints he creates evocative geometric abstracts which focus on the use of shape and space balanced by strong linear rhythms; forming works which are both pleasing and challenging to the eye. Carbrey likes to be challenged by his art; both creatively and technically. He is so obsessed with his approach that he follows a formula he created to, “Set himself free during the creative process.” Eric’s works are not portraits nor landscapes they’re “Only square”. The must each have 8, 9, or 10 colors, the paint must be flat without shading or fading, the lines must be crisp, there must be three layers (Never two and rarely four), and the top layer must be laid down first; no exceptions. I nside each layer lies another independent formula and Carbrey is quick to expand on each when asked. Some would call him eccentric but the artist prefers to think of himself as “Organized”. Eric is a father, husband and graduate of Wichita State University who spends the majority of his time “Living life and making art”. The exhibit “Renewed” will make the debut of his work in Oklahoma City.

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