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Lyric Auditions


Lyric encourages applicants from diverse backgrounds to audition.
An accompanist will be provided at all auditions. Unless specifically stated, no acapella singing is permitted.

NO video or email submissions will be accepted at this time.

If you have questions, contact Megan at (405) 524-9310 ext. 103 or at

Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma works with Actors’ Equity Association under the University/Resident Theatres Association (URTA) contract. Union performers work alongside our resident non-union company members, who may choose to participate in the EMC (Equity Membership Candidate) program.

The core of Lyric’s mission is to produce quality, professional theatre for ALL Oklahomans. Therefore, Lyric is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applicants from diverse backgrounds to audition. It is the policy of Lyric Theatre to provide equal employment opportunities to all qualified persons, and to recruit, hire, train, promote, and compensate persons in all jobs. Lyric celebrates diversity of race, color, religion, gender, gender identification, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation. Therefore, please do not cut yourself from the line before you audition.

NO video or email submissions will be accepted at this time.


Thank you very much to all of you who came out to audition. As we have many decisions to make, final casting may not be complete until the end of March. If you made it to final callbacks (or the end of either dance call) and you receive an offer from another theatre, please reach out to us.


April 12-13 Plaza Fall auditions
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April 14 Callbacks

ROCKY – 16 bars in the style of ROCKY HORROR

Rehearse August 20-Sept 3, 2019. T-F 5p-11p, Sat-Sun 10a-6p
Perform Sept 4-22, 2019. Wed-Thur 7:30p, Fri-Sat 8p, Sat-Sun 2p

Richard Nixon: Male, 60-79 

David Frost: Male, 30-49

Manolo Sanchez: Male, 30-59
Nixon’s valet of 12 years. May double with other featured roles.

Swifty Lazar/Mike Wallace: Male, 30-50
Talent agent that represented authors and celebrities. Negotiated “Frost/Nixon” interviews on behalf of Richard Nixon. Bald and appears older than his actual age. Quirky. Actor also portrays Mike Wallace, American journalist most known for being one of the original correspondents on “60 Minutes.”

John Birt: Male, 30-50
BBC’s director of news and current affairs. Producer for the Frost team. British accent. May double with other featured roles.

Bob Zelnick: Male, 30-50
Executive Editor of the Frost/Nixon Interviews. American Journalist, executive editor of the “Frost/Nixon” interviews.

Caroline Cushing: Female, 20-39
David Frost’s girlfriend. Lives in Monte Carlo. Fashion model, tall and slim, very attractive. Ability to do French accent helpful. May double with other featured roles.

Jack Brennan: Male, 30-50
A retired US Marine Corps Reserve Officer (Colonel) and a political aide. Nixon’s post-resignation chief of staff. May double with other featured roles.

Evonne Goolagong: Female, 20-39
Top female tennis play in the 1970s. Athletic with a mix of Australian and aboriginal heritage. Must be able to do a convincing Australian accent. May double with other featured roles.


Rehearse Sept 23-Oct 8, 2019 T-F 5p-11p, Sat-Sun 10a-6p
Perform October 9-Nov 2, 2019 Wed-Thur 7:30p, Fri-Sat 8p/12a, Sun 5p 

BRAD: Male, 26-35 (Range: Bari Tenor, Bb2-G4)
Quirky, but very much in love with his fiancé, Janet. Overly optimistic and innocent at times. Brad is an attractive and strong male WASP. Masculine, analytical, conservative, polite, and kind hearted, if perhaps a little misogynistic. He is a 1950s, studious, Ken Doll. He watches his world and relationship get blown to bits during an evening in Frank’s castle.

JANET: Female, 26-35 (Range: Mezzo Soprano Belt, A3-Eb5)
On the outside, Janet is the perfect specimen of late 50s, innocent, young, womanhood. She could be a Barbie prototype WASP. She is polite, girlish, conservative, and deferential. A stereotype wife in the making. However, on the inside she is curious about what lies beneath, and soon embraces a more liberated version of herself while exploring new sexual frontiers in Frank’s castle.

FRANK ‘N’ FURTER: Male Transvestite, 30-45 (Range: Baritone, D3-G4)
Master of the castle, high-priest, and ringleader in a world of free love, camp, drug use, sexual exploration, and rock and roll. A master of seduction, he welcomes Janet and Brad with open arms, and works to free them from the confines of their suffocating society. Frank is cunning, clever, and quick, switching from soft to cruel as the moment requires. He is manipulative, campy, glamorous, rough, revengeful, outrageous, and a little unhinged. He luxuriates in the debauchery of the world he has created.

RIFF RAFF: Male, 25-40 (Range: High Rock Tenor, D3-B4)
Frank’s butler. A sinister man resembling more of a zombie. In this production, he might also call to mind a New Orleans voodoo “magic man.” Intelligent, plotting, and sinister. He is an gnarled Iago of sorts. He lurks in the shadows and does Frank’s bidding with an eye towards eventually overthrowing him.

USHERETTE/MAGENTA: Female, Age Flexible (Range: Mezzo Soprano Belt, Bb3-Eb5)
One of Frank’s servants, usually portrayed as a surly French maid. She is a buxom vamp, efficient, intense and smoky. Obviously judging and thinking but not revealing much. Possible Russian accent.

COLUMBIA: Female, Age Flexible (Range: Mezzo Soprano Belt, E4-E5)
Another of Frank’s servants and also a rock and roll groupie. She is a lover, and has something of a baby-doll quality to her. She is a lost soul who has drifted into Frank’s net. She has a want to be loved and accepted that is masked by the frenzy of drugs, and the debauchery of her party lifestyle.

EDDIE/DR. SCOTT: Male, 28-40 (Range: Baritone, E3-F#4)
Eddie is a young and gangly, rockabilly, former delivery boy. Think of a young and inexperienced Elvis. By the time we meet him, he is something of a zombie, having had half of his brain removed. He is Frank’s former plaything, who now misses the simplicity of his former 1950s malt-shop romances, and recognizes that he has gotten himself in with very bad company.

Dr. Scott is Eddie’s Uncle. He is an older professor, and a problem-solving scientist. Think: Sigmund Freud. He is intellectual, conservative and superior with a condescending air. Dr. Scott is of German background and retains his accent, along with hints of a possibly sinister past. He also is Brad’s kindly mentor, and an alien researcher working for the US government.

ROCKY: Male 18-30 (Range: Tenor, A3-G4)
Frank’s magnificent creation – the ideal physical specimen of a man. Sexually appealing with prominent muscles, yet sweet, naïve, and driven by his own animalistic impulses.

NARRATOR: Male, Age Flexible.
Our friendly tour guide through the narrative, and a heavy handed storyteller. A campy Vincent Price type. Methodical, analytical, self-important. He has the air of a nutty aristocrat or a has-been actor. He pops into our show from various unexpected places to continue the narrative and offer “non-biased” commentary, like someone telling a foreboding campfire tale.

The Phantoms: Male/ Female, Ages Flexible (SATB)
Shadowy figures who inhabit our world, and help tell our story. The phantoms, in this production, might resemble costumed and drugged up carnival revelers who have wandered into Frank’s party and become enslaved by the debauchery of the Time Warp lifestyle, much the way Columbia and Eddie have. 


Rehearse Nov 15-28, 2019 T-F 5p-11p, Sat-Sun 10a-6p
Perform Nov 29-Dec 24, 2019 Tues-Thur 7:30p, Fri-Sat 8p, Sat-Sun 2p, Sun 7p

MRS. CRATCHIT: Female, 30-45
Co-head of the Cratchit family; loving but with spunk.
It is the policy of Lyric Theatre to provide equal employment opportunities to all qualified persons, and to recruit, hire, train, promote, and compensate persons in all jobs. Lyric celebrates diversity of race, color, religion, gender, gender identification, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation.


August 18 Children’s Audition

October 11-12
October 13 Callbacks

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