New Art Installation Coming to the Plaza District

180 Development, atelieraL and Plaza Walls team up to create an interactive, functional work of art for the Plaza District


The SeeSaw Art Wall is a new public art initiative located in the Plaza District. 180 Development, along with Adam Lanman (atelieraL) and the Plaza Walls team, is bringing a mix of creativity, interactivity and immersion in the form of a permanent art installation. 

180 Development is installing a new parking lot south of 16th Street, at Blackwelder and 15th Street. The SeeSaw Art Wall will be installed in the center of the lot. The installation is a sculpture combining the activities of play, poetry and two-dimensional artwork to enhance a place that is typically overlooked.

“The piece is an example of how functional sculpture and 2D art can combine in our urban fabric to help create places that people want to be,” said Adam Lanman, artist and designer of the SeeSaw Art Wall.

A series of four illuminated seesaws, each with a Haiku imprinted on the underside, are attached to four steel struts that support a series of 22 aluminum panels. These panels are designed to be detached from fixed frames and painted by individuals or groups of artists at the discretion of the curation team. The installation will incorporate four original haikus, selected by a panel of judges. Members of the public can submit their haiku for the chance to be featured. The deadline for haiku submissions is March 1.

180 Development had a desire to connect the new parking area to the Plaza District as well as help support the ongoing Plaza Walls Mural Initiative.

"We didn't want to build the same traditional parking lot you see around every city in the United States,” said the 180Team. “Being located in the Plaza District, we know it had to be funky and progressive. When the idea of public art came up, Adam Lanman, was our obvious choice. When we approached him about the idea, he had the whole thing planned out before we finished our first meeting. Being able to make art interactive is so important to evoke a feeling and inspire budding artists. I think we accomplished that here. This art installation, along with other future planed experiences, will break up your typical sea of concrete and make this parking lot a destination people will seek out."

Adam Lanman has exhibited his work nationally and internationally and has lectured and critiqued at numerous universities. Prior to founding atelieraL in 2016, Lanman worked with national and international award winning architecture and design practices where he gained experience across all sectors of the construction industry. Lanman holds degrees in microbiology and architecture cumulating with a Master of Architecture from Cornell University.

“American culture has produced masses of parking lots and billboards leading to a landscape cluttered with empty meaning and large voids of space,” Lanman said. “The seesaw art wall is a functional sculpture. This design draws from the unique nature of the surrounding Plaza District to create a place from the insertion of a billboard in the center of a parking lot with a twist of play.”

To learn more about the Plaza District’s latest art installation and to enter the haiku contest, click here.

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