Saints Sessions: Drummer Oliver Holden


The youngest Featured Artist to ever headline Saints Sessions hits the stage January 4th, 2018.

Drummer Oliver Holden performs at Saints 8-10pm

Saints Sessions, OkSessions’s flagship first Thursday jazz session, will be feature 19-year-old Oliver Holden on drums on the very first Thursday for 2018.

Oliver is home-grown talent that hasn’t really made a huge debut in OKC, but the time is fast approaching. A Norman Native, Oliver, finished his high-school at the competitive and immersive Interlochen Center for the Arts in Michigan before matriculating at Northwestern University in Chicago where he’s already studying with big names in the jazz world.

When Oliver takes the stage January 2018, Saints Sessions will have existed for exactly 12 months. January 2017, guitarist Grant Goldstein kicked off the session soon after his homecoming from Manhattan. Other local greats like Adam and Kizzie Ledbetter, Jeremy Thomas, and Zach Lee hit the stage during 2017, and at the end of the year, NYC and Texas-based jazz musicians began making appearances in the Plaza District, including Aidan Carroll, Raul Reyes, and Quincy Davis.

There has been a lot of hype around Saints Sessions in 2017 and there’s growing momentum around the event as more people are discovering the experience. First Thursdays will evolve and take on a different vibe in 2018. The highest-profile shows are happening on the Friday and Saturday nights at Saints now, so musicians and audiences can really cut loose. Getting featured at the big first Thursday Saints Sessions is becoming a rite-of-passage for up-and-comers like Oliver. Oliver has been working his tail off and has earned a chance to kick off 2018. His hand-selected House Band is full his musical mentors, which makes it a special gig.

Oliver will be performing with Grant Goldstein (guitar), Adam Ledbetter (piano), and Kangwa Mundende (Bass). Jemar Poteat, Oliver’s drum teacher and former Saints Sesssions Featured Artist, is also expected to make a guest appearance on either drums or bass.

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