Micro-donation Campaign Returns to Sponsor Plaza District Festival

The 18th annual Plaza District Festival returns in part thanks to a unique sponsor: YOU. Returning for the second year in a row, ‘Sponsored by YOU’ is a crowdfunding initiative that gives the local community a chance to support and take ownership of the Plaza District Festival. ‘Sponsored by YOU’ donations are accepted online between August 29 and September 11, at plazadistrictfestival.com. By accepting individual online micro-donations, the Plaza District Association will recognize the community, name by name, as official sponsors of this annual event.

Last year, the Plaza District Association was able to raise $2,700 for much needed Festival and event supplies such as extension cords, tents, and bistro tables and chairs,” said Cayla Lewis, Executive Director of the Plaza District Association, The community response was incredibly positive and the campaign, a success, so we decided to bring back ‘Sponsored by YOU’ in order to raise money for the 20 talented and diverse artists who will be live-painting murals all day for our 20,000 plus festival attendees.

Contribution levels are tied to individual costs necessary to the Festival. For example, donors can contribute enough to cover the cost of a can of spray paint or the total artist stipend of one artist, with donation amounts as low as $7.

All ‘Sponsored by YOU’ donors will be recognized during the Plaza Walls Expo at this years Festival.

The first event of its kind for Oklahoma City, the Plaza Walls project hosts the Inaugural Plaza Walls Mural Expo, which will debut 20 new murals by 20 artists at 1708 North Indiana Avenue during the Festival.

The 20 spray-paint enthusiasts of Plaza Walls will begin painting the week of September 18 and will reveal 5,200 square feet of brand new murals on Saturday, September 24, in concurrent with all Festival activities. The public is encouraged to walk through the Plaza Walls alley, with entrances on 16th Street and Indiana Avenue. In addition to live painting, the alley will host live music and the Plaza Walls Mural Expo Artist Booth, which will sell art and exclusive merchandise by participating Mural Expo artists.

The confirmed mural artists are: Jake Beeson, Dylan Bradway, Denise Duong, Yatika Fields, Tanner Frady, Chris Foxworth, Steven Grounds, Joxxen, Kris Kanaly, Holey Kids, Jason Pawley, Tessa Raven, Wiley Robertson, Chris Sker, Ashley Smith, Cassie Stover, Sean Vali, Jake Vega, Aaron Whisner, and Zuawe.

In addition to the Mural Expo’s 5,200 square feet of new art, the 54-foot wall on the East side of Indiana Avenue will feature the art of Jason Pawley, a local artistic legend. Pawley’s Indiana mural will be on display from September 9 to September 24. The morning of the Plaza District Festival, Pawley will make live additions to his Indiana mural. Festival attendees will be able to watch Pawley live-paint this mural, as well as purchase merchandise from Pawley’s artist booth. 

The 2016 Plaza District Festival is presented by Fowler Automotive, Oklahoma Employees Credit Union, and 84 Hospitality Group.

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