Our August Volunteer of the Month is Brian Pelts! Brian is a Friend of the Plaza and serves on the Friends of the Plaza committee. "When I moved here seven years ago, the Plaza was the first part of OKC that truly felt like home to me. I've met wonderful people and gotten to experience amazing art and events through the Plaza, so I volunteer and give back to help grow the community so that anyone walking into the Plaza for the first time falls in love with it just like I did."

Brian's favorite part of the Plaza District is the Plaza's sense of community. "No matter who you are, no matter if it's your first time on the Plaza or you practically live here, you're made to feel welcome and a part of the neighborhood."

When not hanging out on 16th Street, Brian works for Weathernews Inc., a weather-based ship routing company that works with shipping companies to guide their vessels while at sea. Brian also serves as the Community Outreach Chair for the OKC Walk to End Alzheimers, and volunteers for the Regional Food Bank, Homeless Alliance, deadCenter, Paseo Arts Festival, WestFest, and Deluxe Winter Market.

Thanks for volunteering, Brian!

Plaza District