New Projects are in Bloom in the Plaza District

There are plenty of new projects in bloom this spring in the Plaza District! From a new restaurant to a community garden, growth has not slowed down on 16th Street. Learn more about a few of the projects that you will be able to enjoy soon.


Goro Ramen + Izakaya is the latest concept by 84 Hospitality Group, who also owns Empire Slice House. Goro is scheduled to open this May and will feature a wide variety or ramen and Japanese-inspired dishes. Be ready to slurp up the deliciousness Goro will be serving!

180 Residential Group teamed up with For the Greater Green to create the Plaza District's first ever community garden! Just south of 16th Street on Blackwelder, this garden gives Oklahoma City residents the opportunity to grow their own garden in a 4'x8' plot. We're excited to see everything grow!

Don't worry, nothing is changing about the pizza, just the patio! Empire has been hard at work creating a permanent patio space for their patrons. Get ready to spend lots of summer days on this patio eating your favorite slice of pizza.

180 infill.jpg

1804 NW 16TH
180 Development Group is developing a two story infill project on the western edge of the Plaza District. The project will feature balconies that overlook the district and a courtyard space. It is expected to be completed later this summer. This is the first infill project to take place since the the revitalization of the Plaza District! For more information on this project, contact 180 Residential Group.


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