Plaza District Introducing New Loyalty Program

The Plaza District Association is excited to announce their new Loyalty Program, launching April 31. Plaza goers can redeem perks for a multitude of reasons, celebrating the culture of the district and rewarding its loyal patrons.


Perks are as following:

Beard - 10% off all fried foods

Plaid Clothing - free slice of pizza

Skinny Jeans - 10% off jewelry

Beanies Worn Not in Winter - free pin

Tattoos - 10% off appetizers

Unnatural hair color - free cup of coffee at District House on Mondays


All of these perks can also be redeemed doubly so during Plaza District Festival, September 24. More information to come.


...also, ride up to the Plaza on your Fixed Gear Bicycle for a free round of Disc Golf at Tree & Leaf! 


The Plaza District Association is also introducing the new Craft Beer Punch Card. Purchase a craft beer* from any of the Plaza's fine restaurants, and after 16 beers, the next one is on us! (Not literally, please don't throw beer on us.)


Not to mention, any person that gets a Plaza District logo tattoo from No Regrets, receives a free lifetime Friends of the Plaza membership. 


*PBR will also work here.


Thanks for being a loyal supporter of the Plaza District, and Happy April Fool's!



Plaza District Team