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Thrive Mama Collective - Baby Signing Time

Join the Baby Signing Time revolution! Your baby can communicate with you using baby signs long before she is old enough to speak.

* Reduce tantrums!
* Stimulate early learning and build vocabulary
* Create a window into your child's mind and heart
* Instill confidence and security through understanding

Babies crawl before they walk, and sign before they talk! When a baby waves "bye-bye" or points at what they want, they are signing! It is natural for babies to communicate with signs. Baby Signing Time gives babies the signs they need to express their needs and wants. Clever songs and a fun environment make learning signs easy!

As a parent, you do not need to become fluent in sign language. Even learning a few signs like ‘milk’, ‘juice’ and ‘more’ can be helpful when communicating with your baby! Continue on with the full curriculum to learn helpful signs for everyday events like playtime, getting dressed, going places, getting ready for bed, manners and more.

Series 1 is a 4-week series for new families and will cover basic signs, food/drink, potty/diaper signs, pets, & family. This series runs for 4 consecutive weeks and the cost is $60/child. (Ask about sibling discounts) Baby Signing Time is for children ages 0-3

Series 1 will be offered:
Fridays @ 11am (4/20, 4/27, 5/4, & 5/11)

To reserve your spot in this class or for more information please email or contact me on Facebook!

**Preregister for the full 16-week course and save $20!!**

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