Kitfox featuring ill suburbia

  • The Venue OKC


Fronted by young talent Emilee Holgate, Kitfox is an upcoming band in the dreamy desert pop genre. Her innate ability to combine atmospheric acoustic guitar patterns with heartfelt lyrics comprises the heart and soul of each song. The band usually emphasizes acoustic guitar played by Holgate, drums courtesy of Nate Dukatz, Thomas Lundquist on bass, piano and synth from Devon Smith, and the ethereal baritone guitar sounds of Conor Flynn. 

Kitfox released their debut album, To Keep You Company, in February 2016. This album has received a multitude of favorable reviews including the following: 

"Far-reaching and impossibly destined, this full-length debut is a balanced culmination of hard work and fate. After having secured a $10,000 Kickstarter pledge, Flynn met Gabe Simon of the band Kopecky, a Kitfox favorite, who agreed to produce the album at The Study in Nashville, Tennessee. Since finishing recording, Kitfox has met national acclaim, with two of the album’s songs being featured on a pair of popular television shows. (“Always Keep You Warm” was featured on MTV’s Real World: Go Big or Go Home, while “Misery” was featured on ABC’s Blood & Oil, respectively.)" 

- (Cassidy McCraney, SLUG staff writer)

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