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Indiana Wall Featured Artist: Rick Sinnett

Plaza Walls, a curated rotating mural project in the Plaza District, will debut a mural by Oklahoma artist Rick Sinnett at the August LIVE! on the Plaza. Sinnett will be the seventh artist to debut a 756 square foot mural featured on the west side of the 16th Street Plaza Shopping Center in the past seven months.
“The piece that I will be painting for Plaza Walls will be a nod to what has now, almost 30 years later, become my definable style: bold, black lines, symmetry, geometry and contoured lines,” Sinnett said. “In the beginning, all of my art was created using black and white pen and ink. It wasn’t until years later that I started adding color,” he continued.
The execution of Sinnett’s mural will take place between August 8-12, 2016. The mural will be on view from August 12, 2016 through September 4, 2016.

Rick Sinnett is a native Oklahoman who has spent more than 20 years mastering serigraphy. He has created artwork for everything from show posters for bands to credit cards. Sinnett’s work also includes letterpress printmaking, glass etching and sculpting. In recent years, Sinnett’s career has led him to a new frontier – mural painting. Sinnett’s passion for bringing art to the people has driven him to create exciting and colorful, larger-than-life paintings. His series of murals along The Mother Road, America’s famous Route 66, is currently in production. His latest artistic journeys, along with painting more murals, include adult coloring books, tapestries, hammocks and effects pedals for the electric guitar.