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Kasum Contemporary: Tiny Works Art Show

  • Kasum Contemporary Fine Art (map)

Kasum Contemporary Fine Art, in the Plaza District of Oklahoma City, is set to shine light on a double feature of small works opening August 3rd and exhibiting through August 14th. The feature pairs the clever animated Art Toys of maker Allin KHG with the street style Tiny Works of artists Chris Harjo and Jeannette L. Herrera a.k.a. BlueFaceKiller. The gallery will host a closing reception for the exhibit during Live on the Plaza on Friday, August 12th from 7:00-10:00 PM. During the closing reception the gallery will also host the final performance from performance artist Valerie Sharp’s four-part series Innocence Lost from 8:00-10:00 PM. The exhibit and associated events are free and open to the public.

When Allin KHG’s father gave him “The First Toy” the artist remembers appreciating the gift but also being disappointed by how ordinary it was. Over the course of the weeks that followed the artist made appealing alterations which would deliver the toy from mundane to one-of-a-kind; and which acted as the geneses for more than 25 years or creativity. His animated creations range from the sexually humorous to the downright dark depths of laughable. The debut of new novelties, from the Oklahoma City based artist, range from $20.00 to $200.00; with a focus on works in the $30.00 – $50.00 range. Gift givers seeking something completely unexpected will find exactly what they are looking for in abundance at Allin’s interactive adult toy table.

L.A. based Street and folk artist Jeannette Herrera, known internationally as Blue Face Killer, is keeping her heritage alive 4,000 miles away from its epicenter. Herrera composes visual narratives, alla prima (Wet on wet), which marry her Peruvian heritage with street culture and personal experience. Capitalizing on the memes, patterns and lore of Peruvian folk crafts the artist’s works focus on themes of death, survival, heroism, defiance, love, sex and religion. Jeannette’s paintings communicate directly and unabashedly; often referencing subject matter which could be considered dark or provocative.

Tulsa based guest artist Chris Harjo is a self-proclaimed paint slinger, pen dipper, and pencil wielder. Harjo has a direct line on surplus panel scraps from a few cabinet shops which keep his prolific flow of street style artworks in constant production. Using drawing media and acrylic on reclaimed panel the artist creates figure works which blur the lines between Kodomomuke and Sticker Art. The duo’s selection of Tiny Works range from as small as one square inch to eight by eight inches; and will be available from $25.00-$195.00 each.