Beer Bedlam with Iron Monk & 405!

  • Oak & Ore 1732 Northwest 16th Street Oklahoma City, OK, 73106 United States

Stillwater vs. Norman! IRON MONK vs. 405 Brewing Co.! A Bar Divided! 

Ready for a little friendly competition? Practice your best trash talk, wear your gear, paint your faces, and belly up to the bar! We'll let the fans decide which brewery walks out with top honors! (Seriously, you guys will have to do it, we love 'em both too much to pick). Let's just hope the night doesn't end with a street riot in the middle of Plaza District...

Game Night lineup for 405: Barrel Aged Grapefruit Sour, Barrel Aged ESP, and walk-on frosh Simple Tart!

Game Night lineup for Iron Monk: Chocolate Habanero Stout, Raspberry Rye, and Hopped-Up Wheat.